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[icon] the devil's driving my car tonight... and he's drunk
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Subject:movienight info
Time:12:14 pm
Current Mood:nervousnervous
ok, so i've decided the movienight is gonna be next friday at like 7. so yeah, i hope that's good for everyone, let me know if you can make it.
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Current Music:the pillows
Subject:it's been too long...
Time:06:46 pm
Current Mood:crazycrazy
hey bratpackers! things have been too quiet around here. how's everyone's school year going? mine's kinda blah. i dunno, sometimes school is just so mindnumbing. it's almost like stagnating. i dunno lol. this year so far has just been sucking the life out of me:( thank god i have lost to keep myself amused lol

um, so on to happier news:) ok, so as you probably read in my journal i got a new tv. so i was thinking about having a bratpacker movie night. so i dunno, is anyone interested? when would be good?

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Current Music:Diddy bitching
Subject:i'm thinking....outings!
Time:04:08 pm
Current Mood:apatheticapathetic
So long has it been since the ole' Bratpack had an outing....let's get SOMETHING together!

-Bearcat football games
-movie nights
-picnic outing in Burnet Woods

GIMME SOMETHING TO WORK WITH, PEOPLE! It's like, I ain't see yo' asses no more!
(I'm royally fucked over because of my night and early morning classes) Let's get this community back up again!

The artist formerly known as Minderz
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Subject:all my stuff's here anyway
Time:09:12 pm
This community is 56% feminine.
What does your LJ writing style say about your gender?
LJ Gender Tool by hutta


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Current Music:courtney love
Subject:i see paris, i see france, i can see your underpants
Time:07:12 pm
Current Mood:indescribableindescribable
hey everyone! i did some layout changes to our page, including a new icon. so lemme know what you think, cuz im a comment whore like that:)

i dont really have anything to say in here but i wanted to post. so what is everyone doing for spring break? i know about amanda's dinner *yay!*

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Current Music:Purple People Eater
Subject:what the hell happened to this thing?
Time:10:44 pm
Current Mood:nerdynerdy
Dude, I'm looking at the site and I'm thinkin', "What the hell is up with this picture?" There's no new postings since February 16th! Why the sudden outburst of laziness on the site, yo! I know I haven't been there NEARLY as much as y'all had so that's even more of a reason TO post. I need to know zee details, the jokes, and whatnot. Post away, y'all....come on, liven this sonuvabitch UP!

Funny Story of the Day: (*rolls through archives*) OOH! I got one. Last Friday night, I was called off work (UH-GAIN!) so Steve & I babysat Stewart and Konnor while my Mommy could sleep. Well, I was wearing my "I have Issues" shirt because it's:
B-SO totally describes me
C-It was the shirt just for the weather
Well, we all go to Blockbuster to rent movies. Well, I run into my American History Prof (who, by the way, is the COOLEST human being on this planet) and I'm like, "Hi, Dr. Alexander!" He looks at my shirt, looks at me, smiles haphazardly and walks away. I wonder why he did that until it clicked in my mind and I walked away mortified. Steve laughed at me the whole way home for it. I felt reeeeeally stooopid!

"Hey, is that a cellphone in your pocket?"
"God said 'Let him be Large!'"
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Current Music:Michelle Branch-Everywhere To Me
Subject:My Valentine's Day Activities
Time:12:32 pm
Current Mood:jubilantjubilant
Sadly, I couldn't participate in Singles' Awareness Day for two very obvious reasons: 1- I'm not single and 2-I was off babysitting for the night. Apparently, I missed a helluva night but my night was fairly fun thanks to the people that I was babysitting for (dude, gotta love the Mad TV Delta Ebonics thing!), sexifying Claire (which, I was told, didn't keep her shirt on for very long and JbOb thanked me profusely on Sunday for helping her), and playing with Mikaden (this cute little 8-month-old that I'm sooo stealing as my own!). It was a fun night for me.

My Valentine's Day celebration was on Sunday. Steve came over and cooked my family Chicken Parmigana (which was realllly good) for dinner and then gave me my gift (a card and a CD with a bunch of songs that remind him of me...I love it!). Then, as part of my gift, I blindfolded him (haha, he's such a cranky follower!) and took him to the spot where I fell in love with him (which is at the top of a jungle gym at Ross Park) and gave him my card, a bag of Hershey's Kisses, and a letter telling him how much I loved him. He said it was the best Valentine's Day gift ever (and I agree!). We then went and picked up Claire & JbOb and came over here to watch American Pie 2. We all hung out & then they left around 11:30pm. Steve and I talked until 3:30am when he went home and I finished up a paper and went to bed. It was, by far, the bestest Valentine's Day ever.

I want to say something to everyone who reads this: I feel like I'm being marginalized or made to feel guilty because I can't spend all the time that I used to be able to with the Brat Pack. I feel like the people at the table ('cept for Steph & Selena & Lora) are telling me subliminally to dump Steve or tell him to fuck off so I can come back. I want to tell you all this right now: I am head over heels in love with Steve and there is NO WAY IN HELL I am going to dump him because he makes me feel happier than I have ever felt in the entire world. So please stop with all the coercion and crap because it's getting old. I don't criticize any of you for your lifestyles, don't critique me for mine. That being said, I'm happy as a clam.
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Subject:first let's just unzip your religion down
Time:12:21 pm
Current Mood:boredbored
no one's posting in here, it's sad. :( so, yeah, apparantly the big news is that shannon got me out of the house. lol. i went to the single awareness party. it was ok. i find valentnes day to be a stupid holiday. like, yeah, im single, you dont have to rub it in my face just to sell cheap stuff. and by rub it in my face i dont mean you guys, i mean the greeting card industry. so how did everyone else spend their valentines day? this post has no point as i am very boring and spending an all nighter with me would be horrible. well im gonna go now, we need to start posting more though.
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Current Music:tori amos
Subject:moddish layout post
Time:04:20 pm
Current Mood:indescribableindescribable
hi! it's so cool to see the group bustling with activity already! so anyway, i've made some layout changes. do you guys like? i selected some new icons. to view them all, go here. we get 3 icons, i only selected 2 in case someone had another icon they wanted. write a comment in here saying which one you want to be our default icon. oh and if you don't like the layout or colors, say that too.

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Subject:steph you forgot
Time:08:12 am
Current Mood:tiredtired
Hey, Stephanie....you forgetness. I don't drink Pucker or Mike's....a little bit of Mountain Dew will do nicely (on myself and my liver)...but yeah, that's kewl if Ryan writes thought you. Steve will probably write through me so it's all good!

By the way, who's all coming to the dinner thingy? Can ya kinda let me know?

Here's who I have so far:


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[icon] the devil's driving my car tonight... and he's drunk
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